Rolls-Royce Phantom VII Series II



Enquiry About The Rolls-Royce Phantom VII Series II

    Widely regarded as the finest automobile in the world, nothing exudes more opulence and road presence than the Rolls Royce Phantom. True to heritage, the Phantom showcases what many regard as the epitome of luxury by pampering its occupants with the finest of materials and craftsmanship. 

    Stepping in gracefully, thanks to the rear hinged doors which house their own full sized umbrellas, one will be greeted with the smell of fine leather which covers almost the entire interior. Rolls Royce insists on using only bull hides for its cabin as they do not have stretch marks that cowhides do. 

    The complementing lamb’s wool carpets are as deep as they come, and the book-matched veneers come in any wood finish one desires. The optional “constellation roof” uses LEDs to recreate the stars in the nighttime sky at any time of year. Together with the double-walled floor and 6mm thick acoustically dampened glass, the Phantom is no doubt the finest place to be on four wheels.

    Registration date: 13 Sep 2018 (Used Import)

    Original Registration date: 16 Sep 2015

    COE expiration date: 12 Sep 2028

    Mileage: 29,000 km

    No of ownership: 1 

    6.75L V12 48v engine

    Power: 453bhp @ 5,350rpm

    Torque: 720Nm @ 3,500rpm

    8 Speed automatic transmission

    Starlight headliner