Porsche 911 Turbo Tiptronic



Enquiry About The Porsche 911 Turbo Tiptronic

    The Porsche 996 was the first 911 to feature water-cooled engines, a significant departure from the air-cooled engines that had powered the 911 since its inception. The 996 also introduced a controversial design that differed significantly from previous 911 models. Despite initial criticism, the 996 is now recognised as a pivotal model in the 911 lineage, paving the way for the modern, high-performance 911 models that followed. 

    The range-topping, all-wheel drive 996 Turbo represents a significant upgrade over the base model. It features a twin-turbocharged 3.6-litre flat-six engine that produces 415hp and 563Nm of torque in standard trim, which is already significantly more than the standard Carrera model. 

    The rare unit featured here is further enhanced with premium performance upgrades to its engine, suspension, brakes and aerodynamics. The engine is fitted with a combination of Turbo Kraft and Protomotive hardware, including uprated intercoolers and is remapped to 540hp. Bilstein PSS10 coil-overs take care of the twisty stuff, and larger GiroDisc brake rotors and TechArt Formula wheels ensure the car stops on a dime. The entire package is wrapped in a wind tunnel tested TechArt aerodynamic kit.

    Registration date: 25 Oct 2000

    COE expiration date: 31 Mar 2029

    Mileage: 41,200 km

    No of ownership: 4

    3,600cc twin-turbocharged, flat- 6, water-cooled

    540hp @ 6,000rpm

    >563Nm @ 2,700rpm

    5-spd Tiptronic transmission

    All-wheel drive

    0-100km/h: sub 4.0s

    Top Speed: >310km/h

    Turbo Kraft / Protomotive upgrade kit with new intercoolers and remapping to 540hp

    TechArt body kit

    TechArt Formula wheels

    Bilstein PSS10 coil-over shock absorbers

    GiroDisc big brake kit

    Rebuilt auto transmission

    RUF steering wheel & paddle shifters

    Carbon interior trim

    New dashboard