Porsche 911 GT3


Enquiry About The Porsche 911 GT3

    Developed to tame the toughest of circuits, and that perfect stretch of mountain road, the Porsche 911 GT3 brings to the streets automotive technology and vehicle setup usually reserved for the race track – sprinkled with Porsche’s fabled motorsports “magic dust” to make even a drive to the grocery store a positively visceral experience! 

    Fortunately, the folks at Stuttgart understood that certain creature comforts will be appreciated for a daily driver and have included their PDK dual-clutch transmission with a fully automatic mode, air conditioning and even an in-car entertainment system! 

    This very well-loved unit is beautifully presented in uber-cool Agate Grey, with a spotless  interior in complementing black leather and Alcantara. Yellow seat belts add just the right amount of sporting intent.

    Registration date: 10 Nov 2014

    COE expiration date: 9 Nov 2024

    Mileage: 45,000km

    No of ownership: 2

    3.8l Naturally Aspirated Flat 6

    7 Speed PDK Transmission

    469bhp @ 8250rpm

    0-100km/h: 3.5sec

    Top Speed: 315km/h

    Agent Unit

    Vehicle lifter

    20 Inch Rims

    Semi-electric seats

    Seat belts in yellow