Porsche 911 GT3 RS


Enquiry About The Porsche 911 GT3 RS

    The last of the “original” GT3 RS that started with the 996, the 997 GT3 RS was the last to feature the venerable Mezger engine, with its unmistakable “chatter” that to the uninitiated, would think something in the engine bay needed tightening. Until they snick the gear lever into first that is, and row through the taut and precise manual gearbox, egging the mechanical masterpiece sitting out back to it’s 8400rpm redline, and in the process delivering one of the most spine tingling crescendos ever made by men. 


    Add to that a precise and communicative steering that is able to filter out any unnecessary noise, allowing through only what the driver needs for the job at hand, and brakes that’s attached to a pedal that lets the driver feel every millimeter of bite the freight-train-stopping calipers exert on the rotors and you have what many regard as one of the best drivers’ cars ever made! 

    Registration date: 2 Sep 2010

    COE expiration date: 31 Aug 2030

    Mileage: 26,000km

    No of ownership: 6

    3.8l Naturally Aspirated Flat 6 

    444hp @ 7900rpm

    430Nm @ 6750rpm

    6 speed Manual Gearbox

    0-100kmh: 4.0s

    Top Speed: 310kmh 


    Sports Chrono Package