Porsche 911 GT3


Enquiry About The Porsche 911 GT3

    GT3 – no other letters evoke as much racing intent. The 911GT3 has been hailed by many as the benchmark against which all other “drivers’ cars” should be measured. But with the introduction of several firsts for a GT3 – a PDK gearbox, electrically assisted power steering and rear wheel steering (and the absence of the Mezger engine!), fans cried foul. Alas, their fears were unfounded. With a new engine that screamed itself to 9000rpm, a steering system that delivered all the feedback any enthusiastic driver will ever need, and a chassis that was able to serve as a worthy platform to deliver all these new tech to the road, the 991.1 GT3 was able to take the GT3’s “race car for the road” ethos even further than its predecessors ever did.

    Registration date: 15 Apr 2015

    COE expiration date: 14 Apr 2025

    Mileage: 45,000km

    No of ownership: 4

    Agent Unit

    3.8l Naturally Aspirated Flat 6

    7 Speed PDK Transmission

    469bhp @ 8250rpm

    0-100km/h: 3.5sec

    Top Speed: 315km/h.


    Sport Chrono Package

    GT3 14-Way Electric Sports Seats

    20 Inch Rims



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