Lotus Elise S1



Enquiry About The Lotus Elise S1

    The Lotus Elise S1 is a legendary sports car that has become a cult classic among car enthusiasts.  First introduced in 1996, the Elise S1 is widely regarded as one of the purest and most enjoyable driving experiences available, thanks to its lightweight construction, responsive handling, and lively performance.

    What makes this Azure Blue Elise S1 even more special is that it is the last of its kind to roll out of the Malaysian production line and has “zero” mileage.  As such, it’s a pristine example of this legendary sports car and a collector’s dream come true.

    The Elise S1’s body is constructed entirely from lightweight materials such as aluminium, composite, and fibreglass.  This lightweight construction makes the Elise S1 extraordinarily agile and nimble, allowing it to corner with incredible precision and minimal body roll.  In addition, the Elise S1’s double wishbone suspension setup further contributes to its excellent handling characteristics.

    Powering the Elise S1 is a 1.8-litre four-cylinder engine that produces 118 horsepower and 165Nm of torque. While these numbers may not sound particularly impressive, the Elise S1’s low weight of just over 730kg means it can accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in just 5.9 seconds.  The Elise S1’s engine is also mated to a close-ratio five-speed manual transmission that provides a direct and engaging driving experience.

    Inside the Elise S1, the focus is on simplicity and function.  The interior is sparse and utilitarian, with minimalist instrumentation and few amenities.  However, the Elise S1’s seats are supportive, and the driving position is excellent, with the steering wheel and pedals perfectly positioned for enthusiastic driving.

    The Lotus Elise S1 is a driver’s car in the purest sense of the term. It prioritises driving enjoyment and handling prowess over all else, and it delivers those qualities in spades. While it may not be the most practical car for daily use, the Elise S1 is perfect for weekend drives on winding back roads or a spirited track day. With its lightweight construction, lively performance, and razor-sharp handling, the Elise S1 is a timeless classic that continues to capture the hearts of driving enthusiasts around the world.

    Registration date: Unregistered

    COE expiration date: N/A

    Mileage: 52km

    No of ownership: N/A

    Agent unit

    Last unit to roll off the Malaysian production line

    1,796cc Naturally Aspirated Inline-4 Engine

    116hp @ 5,500rpm

    165Nm @ 3,000rpm

    5-spd manual transmission

    0-100km/h: 5.9s

    Top Speed: 202km/h

    Full factory stock standard


    Certificate of Authenticity as the last unit produced