Lotus Elise S1 (Sport 135 kit)


Enquiry About The Lotus Elise S1 (Sport 135 kit)

    The limited-production Lotus Elise S1 Sport 135 is a rare and highly sought-after variant of the legendary Elise S1. Introduced in 1998, the Sport 135 was a performance-oriented version of the Elise S1 that offered even sharper handling and more exciting driving dynamics. 

    Due to popular demand,  Lotus announced during the summer of 1998 that existing Elise owners could order an after-market Stage 2 tuning kit from their local dealer.  The Stage 2 kit comprised a ported and polished cylinder head with a VVC plenum and a sports exhaust with de-cat pipe, just like in the Elise Sport 135.  Peak power officially went from 118bhp at 5,500rpm to 135bhp at 6,200rpm.  The car’s torque rating was now 175Nm at 4,250rpm compared to the standard car’s 165Nm at 3,000rpm.

    This particular unit, finished in classic Lotus Racing Green, is one of only six Elise S1 models registered in Singapore at last count and is the only unit fitted with the factory-supplied Sport 135 tuning kit.  It is also equipped with factory-supplied, lightweight, magnesium Sport 135 wheels and a Sport 135 rear spoiler. 

    Registration date: 21 Sep 2000

    COE expiration date: 31 Aug 2030

    Mileage: 62,300 km

    No of ownership: 5

    1,796cc Naturally Aspirated Inline-4 Engine

    135hp @ 6,200rpm

    175Nm @ 4,850rpm

    5-spd manual transmission

    0-100km/h: 5.4s

    Top Speed: 202km/h

    Sport 135 Stage 2 tuning kit

    Sport 135 magnesium wheels

    Sport 135 rear spoiler


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