Ferrari F430 F1 Spider



Enquiry About The Ferrari F430 F1 Spider

    The F430 Spider was designed by Pininfarina with aerodynamic simulation programs used for their Formula 1 cars. Despite sharing the same basic aluminium chassis, roofline, doors, and glass, the F430 looked significantly different from the 360 Modena it replaced. Being the haloed brand they are, however, a great extent of Ferrari’s iconic design heritage was still included in the exterior design, as evidenced by the Ferrari Enzo-inspired tail lights and engine cover vents at the rear.

    Where the F430 differed significantly from the 360 Modena was the way it drove. Thanks to Ferrari’s experience in Formula 1, the F430 was bestowed with the honour of introducing the “Manettino”. This steering wheel-mounted dial controlled the E-Diff, ESC, Skyhook suspension and throttle response to offer a level of handling never before experienced in a road-going Ferrari.

    This spotless F430 Spider is in excellent condition both aesthetically and mechanically. It is religiously serviced by a Ferrari specialist and has been recently repainted in its original Rosso Scuderia colour.

    Registration date: 25 Jan 2008

    COE expiration date: 24 Jan 2028

    Mileage: 43,100 km 

    No of ownership: 6

    4,308cc naturally aspirated V8

    483hp @ 8,250rpm

    465Nm @ 5,250rpm

    6-speed F1 transmission

    0-100km/h: 4.0s

    Top Speed: 315km/h

    New Rosso Scuderia paintwork

    Electric seats

    Electric folding soft-top

    Yellow tachometer

    Scuderia Ferrari fender shields