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Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Series 2



Enquiry About The Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Series 2

    In 1965, Rolls-Royce represented a sea of change with their car production with the Silver Shadow.

    Until its purchase by BMW, the Shadow left its mark on over 30 years of Rolls-Royce and Bentley history, and even the Silver Spirit has yet to capture the hearts and minds of classic car enthusiasts in quite the same way as compared to the Silver Shadow. 

    Released in 1977, the Silver Shadow II was an improved version of the previous model and featured several significant changes, most notably rack and pinion steering and modifications to the front suspension resulting in markedly improved handling. Considered the most advanced Rolls-Royce then, it boasts the best technologies of its time. 

    This Concours-worthy specimen has been fully restored from the ground up. The engine has been lovingly rebuilt and sports all new pipes and hoses. The suspension subframes have been sand blasted and reprimed, and the interior has been recently reupholstered in premium leather in May of 2022.

    Registration date: 24 Jan 2017 (Classic vehicle scheme)

    Original registration date: 28 Sep 1977

    COE expiration date: 23 Jan 2027

    Mileage: 187,000

    Number of Ownership: 1

    6,750cc, Naturally Aspirated V8 engine

    Power: 189bhp @ 4,000rpm

    Torque: 393Nm @2,500rpm

    0-100km/h: 11.3sec

    Top Speed: 185km/h (estimated)

    Complete ground-up restoration

    Full engine rebuild

    Suspension rebuild

    All subframes sand blasted and reprimed

    New leather interior (May 2022)

    Coachwork refresh