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Enquiry About The Porsche 356C

    The legendary 356 is Porsche’s very first production model, and the brainchild of Ferdinand “Ferry” Porsche, son of company founder Dr. Ferdinand Porsche. One can say, the 356 is the reason the iconic 911 was born. 

    The 356 was built in four distinct series, the original “pre-A”, followed by the 356A, 356B, and finally the 356C. There are only about a dozen Porsche 356 in total on our tiny island. At last count, there are three units of 356A, eight units of 356B but only a single genuine 356C – the one you see here.  

    The 356C was the final iteration and hence also the most developed of the Porsche 356. Equipped with a 1,582cc pushrod engine that produced 75bhp,  the 356C delivered proper sports car performance for its time. The 356C was the only series that was fitted with all round disc brakes replacing drums. 

    This museum worthy example you see here has fully matching numbers and is in its original factory Signal Red. It was painstakingly restored with no expenses spared to how it was the day it left the factory gates at Zuffenhausen. 

    Registration date: 13 Apr 2006 (Classic vehicle scheme)

    Original Registration date: 16 Feb 1965

    COE expiration date: 12 Apr 2026

    Mileage: N.A.

    Number of Ownership: 1 

    * Car sold without vehicle registration number

    1,582cc Naturally Aspirated Boxer 4-cyl engine

    75bhp @ 5,000rpm

    117Nm @ 3,600rpm

    4 Speed manual gearbox

    Top Speed: 172km/h

    Air conditioning

    Full documentation of authenticity and provenance provided