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Enquiry About The MG MGB Roadster Mk 1

    In the annals of automotive history, few cars have achieved the iconic status that the MGB commands.

    Emerging in 1962, the MGB was MG’s response to an evolving automotive landscape. The 1960s witnessed a shift in consumer preferences, with drivers seeking a more refined, comfortable, and yet sporty driving experience. To address this demand, MG developed the MGB with an unibody construction for improved rigidity and comfort, a marked departure from the MGA’s body-on-frame design. The goal was clear – to retain the exhilarating driving experience that MG was renowned for but also incorporate modern design elements.

    This very clean example is repainted in classic silver to a very high degree, and the interior has been completely reupholstered in supple crimson leather with complimenting black carpeting.

    All chrome work on the car has been refurbished, and all the weather seals have been replaced. This beauty features a new mohair soft-top and also comes with an original hardtop.

    The car is lovingly maintained by a classic car specialist and runs like a dream!

    Registration date: 03 Aug 1966 (Classic vehicle scheme)

    COE expiration date: 09 May 2034

    Mileage: 60,250 miles 

    Number of Ownership: 5

    1,799cc, naturally aspirated, inline-4

    95hp @ 5,400rpm

    149Nm @ 5,400rpm

    4-Speed manual transmission

    0-100 km/h: 12.2s 

    Top Speed: 166km/h

    Full body restoration

    New chrome work

    New weather seals

    New mohair soft top

    New leather interior

    New carpets

    Original hardtop (resprayed)

    No airconditioner

    Original Solex carburettor

    Regular maintained by a classic car specialist