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Enquiry About The Lotus Seven

    The brainchild of famous racecar designer Colin Chapman, the featherweight Lotus Seven embodies his engineering philosophy of “Simplify, then add lightness.”  Simple, fast, minimalistic – the Seven provided a uniquely undiluted driving experience that has spawned countless imitations over the years. 

    This 1972 Lotus Seven was raced and rallied in Singapore in the 1970s and features a 1300cc Hobay tuned engine, complete with a half-race Ford camshaft, a pair of twin-choke Weber 40 DCOE carburettors and a close-ratio racing gearbox.

    The Seven, as it is affectionately known, makes an exhilarating fair-weather cruising companion and is an essential addition to any classic sports car collection!

    Registration date: 24 Oct 1973 (Classic vehicle scheme)

    Original Registration date: 31 Jul 1972

    COE expiration date: 28 Mar 2028

    Mileage: N/A

    Number of Ownership: 7

    1,297cc, Naturally Aspirated Inline-4 Hobay tuned engine

    Ford half-race camshaft

    Weber 40 DCOE twin-choke carburettors

    Close-ratio racing gearbox

    Power: 72bhp @ 6,000rpm

    Torque: 92Nm @4,000rpm

    0-100km/h: 7.7sec (estimated) 

    Top Speed: 161km/h (estimated)

    13" sports rims

    Roll-over bar

    Holbay tuned engine 

    Fibreglass body

    Racing harness

    New shocker absorbers

    New brakes

    New engine and gearbox gaskets