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Unleashed by E-Type UK (Limited Edition 1 of 10)



Enquiry About The Unleashed by E-Type UK

    With its elegant lines that are stunning to look at from any angle, the Jaguar E-Type remains an automotive design icon. It is rumoured that Enzo Ferrari proclaimed it “the most beautiful car ever made” when it was launched in 1961. Regardless, you will often find the E-Type among the list of the top ten most beautiful cars ever made. 

    As timeless as its design may be, however, technology is ever-evolving. As such, E-Type UK took it on to endow the Jaguar E-Type with driving characteristics that would thrill the modern-day driver as much as its stunning looks still do. 

    E-Type UK achieved this to perfection with its Unleashed.

    This Unleashed is one of only ten units that will be produced, all of which are Series 3 roadsters, each having 4,000 man-hours lavished on them to become the car you see here. E-Type UK was asking for £390,000 each, excluding the donor car.

    The Unleashed benefits from an engine capacity increase from the original 5.3 litres to 6.1 litres, primarily by increasing stroke. Together with a fully bespoke electronic fuel injection system and a ceramic-coated stainless steel exhaust manifold, the Unleashed makes a potent 400bhp. The lightened flywheel and smooth shifting aluminium five-speed manual gearbox make revving to its 6,500rpm redline a joy. The guttural noise the freer breathing engine makes at those revolutions makes the experience utterly intoxicating! 

    Restored and tastefully modified, the Unleashed lets us enjoy the character and revel in the spirit of classic cars without making any compromises.

    E-Type UK director Marcus Holland sums it up best. “It is the E-Type experience we all longed for.”


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    Registration date: 13 Mar 2014 (Classic vehicle scheme)

    Original Registration date: 4 Mar 1974

    COE expiration date: 12 Mar 2034

    Mileage: 21,000km

    Number of Ownership: 1

    6.1L, Naturally Aspirated V12

    Power: 400bhp

    Torque: 425Nm

    0-100km/h: 5.0sec (estimated) 

    Top Speed: 241km/h (estimated)


    Colour: Gunmetal

    Inner sill strengthening

    Extended welded bonnet louvres

    Handcrafted wrap-around and one-piece bumpers

    LED headlamps with DRL halos

    Fresh air bonnet ducting

    16-inch wire wheels


    Colour: Charcoal

    Custom hand-stitched heated leather seats

    Bespoke aluminium centre console with LED backlighting

    LED dash light illumination

    Piano black dash

    Engine start button

    Electric windows

    Remote central locking


    Surround sound speakers

    Air conditioning


    Increased capacity from 5.3L to 6.1L

    Aluminium 5-speed manual gearbox

    12-branch ceramic-coated stainless steel exhaust manifold

    Fully bespoke electronic fuel injection system

    Lightened flywheel

    Performance cooling - Aluminum radiator, Oil cooler, ECU-controlled cooling fans

    Uprated suspension - New springs, New anti-roll bars, Fully adjustable shock absorbers

    Competition braking - Modern vented disc brakes with four-piston callipers