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Enquiry About The Dino 308 GT4

    Shown to the world in 1973, the Dino 308 GT4 incorporated several firsts for Ferrari. It was the first production Ferrari with a V8 engine, and their first mid-engined 2+2 sports car. Penned by Bertone, the Dino 308 GT4 was a departure from the curvy Pininfarina lines common at the time. With ample headroom for rear seat passengers and a decent sized boot at the back, the Dino 308 GT4 was the most “practical” offering from the house of the Cavallino Rampante (or Prancing Horse) then. 

    As the name denotes, the Dino 308 GT4 is powered by a 3.0 litre V8 engine (2,927cc to be exact), and develops 252bhp. Though this might not sound like much today, the modest 1,150kg curb weight of the Dino 308 GT4 ensured exhilarating performance for the time. The well weighted, non-power assisted steering gives good feedback, and the sharp throttle response makes toe-heeling a breeze, offering a truly visceral 70’s Ferrari  driving experience. On the inside, the toggle switches and temperature sliders add to the sports car drama of the era.

    This particular example has been extensively rebuilt, and has been featured in several reference books and magazines before it was shipped here from the UK and comes with full provenance. 

    Registration date: 8 May 2015 (Classic vehicle scheme)

    Original Registration date: 16 Jul 1975

    COE expiration date: 7 May 2025

    Mileage: N.A.

    Number of Ownership: 2


    2,927cc naturally aspirated, V8 engine

    252bhp @ 7,700rpm

    284Nm @ 5,000rpm

    5 Speed manual gearbox, Rear wheel drive

    0-100km/h: 6.9sec (est)

    Top Speed: 250km/h

    Air conditioning

    Full provenance provided